4 ways Sol Attach helps cut solar waste


The solar industry is growing with the future looking evermore promising. Did you know our product helps end up to 50% of waste produced by solar installation companies? It’s important to cut waste early before excess waste becomes an industry standard. Here’s 4 ways we help reduce waste:

Number 1: We use 85% less aluminum

Our state of the art system uses 85% less aluminum than conventional solar racking. Conventional solar racking consists of fixed aluminum rails across the roof. Sol Attach racking instead uses small mount components which eliminates an entire rail. This reduces our, and your, waste.

Number 2: We use less energy

Compared to traditional solar racking, we use significantly less energy to produce our product. We think green during the development, production, and shipment phases of our business.

Number 3: We use less parts

In number 1, we discussed how solar panels are attached to railing but how does the railing stay in place? Lots of parts: screws, bolts, nuts, etc. Our mount uses less parts and assembly product. We believe this has helped reduce environmental hazards and consumer good consumption.

Number 4: We make shipping more efficient

Have you ever thought about how a product gets shipped to you? Not only does the company need supplies, like boxes, to ship it to you but gas is also an important factor. By shipping less product, we reduce waste because everything you need is in one box.

The Sol Attach racking system was developed by Sol Attach, LLC and is certified to operate in 15 states. The Sol Attach Solar Mounting System requires less product to purchase, ship, inventory, and install. We believe you’ll agree: it’s a game changer for the solar industry.